Gary and Marie Dawson

    Gary and Marie have been working with the Yanomamo people in the jungle of Venezuela for 31 years. Gary’s parents started their ministry in the jungle when Gary was about 3 years old. Gary and his 9 brothers and sister were all raised in the jungle and most have stayed to minister there. The Indian tribes were some of the most ferocious head hunters and not easy to reach. Slowly and gradually the Dawsons learned the language and won them over. Now there are many happy and believing Yanomamo. To reach the Dawson’s home you either have to come by small water craft down the river or fly in by small engine plane. The Community Church had the privilege of sending them a much-needed tractor to help keep the airstrip plowed, fill in holes where mosquitoes breed, etc. Life is not easy there!

    Gary and Marie have four grown children and Ricky is an adopted native boy. Marie is from Wisconsin and Gary brought her to the ministry as a young bride. She does most of the cooking, teaching children, and household chores for the family. She is the nurse to her own family and to the natives. She is the only one qualified to do testing and administration of medicine. Gary works on outreach, teaching and counseling of the men and maintenance chores. Satan’s presence is keenly felt as there is much belief in evil spirits and spiritual warfare. The whole Dawson clan has been through more calamities than most of us could even imagine. Gary was put in jail by the Communist government, pressured to quit by the Catholic Church, endured many bouts with malaria, had a home he was building explode, and the whole village washed away by a flood, etc. Through it all, the family has remained faithful. Gary has even brought a few of the Christian natives to the states to tell of the change Christ has made in their lives.

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